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Barber Services

Age 1-12 Children: Classic Fade-----$17

Age 1-12 Children: Regular Hair Cut-----$14

Age 13-17 Teenager: Classic Fade 1 Step-----$20

Age 13-17 Teenager: Classic Ultra Fade-----$24

Age 13-17 Teenager: Regular Haircut-----$18

Kid's: Line Up-----$10

Teenager & Men's Lineup-----$10

Men's: Classic Fade-----$24

Men's: Regular Haircut & Beard-----$27

Men's: Classic Fade & Beard-----$30

Men's: Complete Line Up-----$15

Men's: Regular Fade-----$22

Men's: Ultra Fade-----$27

Men's: Regular Haircut-----$20

Men's: Ultra Fade-----$27

Teenager & Men's: Lineup-----$12

Women's: Regular Haircut-----$20

Women's: Haircut & Eyebrows-----$30

Women's: Ultra Haircut-----$30

Women's: Afro-----$25

Senior Citizens-----$18


High School Students with straight A's receive unlimited free cuts

(bring current report card)


Honor Roll High School Students receive 50% discount

(bring current report card)


Middle school students with straight A's receive 50% discount

(bring current report card)


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